20 Weeks - We are having a...

     Today I am officially 20 weeks so half way already.  I got an updated bump picture for anyone interested ;).  Not as cool as my sunset beach photos but we are back in MN so it is cold yet and we are not right next to a beach so the fence will have to do.   I had my ultrasound appointment today and  we were finding out the sex of the baby so I was super excited!  I have a hard time waiting until my 20 week appointment to find out so I can't imagine waiting until they were born. I decided to try and take some photos of Amelia with our news...

     "Not a brother!"  Just kidding, though as a side note Amelia may not want balloons at her birthday party.  I thought balloons would be a fun and cute idea but apparently Amelia did not agree.

     Luckily I had a chalkboard inside so onto plan B.  Amelia loves chalk so this was an acceptable option.  She jumped right in helping me color on the chalkboard!

     We are having a boy!  We are all excited and now I can start shopping ;).  He will, after all, not be wearing Amelia's old clothes.  We haven't really discussed boy names yet so now we know where to focus our efforts.  It always seems to be so difficult to agree on names!

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