Our Family is Growing!

     I am very excited to announce our family will be growing by one more!  Our baby is due to make their appearance around August 6, 2015.  Amelia is excited and says she would like a sister, although last month she was requesting a brother so that may change again.  She does love babies, until I hold one of course ;).  I think she is going to make a wonderful big sister!

    I had my first doctor appointment before leaving to San Diego and baby looked great!  I am finally starting to feel better so just praying for an uneventful pregnancy and healthy baby.  Since we are just down the block I had Matt take pictures for weeks 10 and 12 on the beach!  Now to figure out how to take the gorgeous beach home with me ;).

I tried to get a picture of Amelia and I by the heart in the sand but she did not have any time for pictures.

10 weeks

12 weeks

12 weeks

       Since beginning this post, some time has gone by and I am now 19 weeks along.  Sadly I haven't taken any more bump pictures (which has gotten a lot bigger!) so I will put that on my to do list this week.  Everything has been going well and on Thursday we are having our 20 week ultrasound and finding out the sex of the baby!!!  I couldn't be more excited to find out so I will be sure to post again later in the week. 

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