A Little Bundle Review Nov. 2013

    Let me start this review by saying I LOVE my first box!  A Little Bundle shipped on Monday and I had it by Friday so shipping was quick (especially since the weather delayed it a day).  A Little Bundle is a monthly subscription box for mom and baby.  All the items are hand selected for quality and it shows!  I was so excited because I knew this box was waiting for me when I got off work today.  So much fun to have a surprise box and even better since I have not seen any spoilers (I can never resist peeking) so I really had no idea what was coming.


    At first glance I loved the tissue, it was really cute and showed the thought was put into packing these boxes.  Makes it very much like a beautiful present!  The whole box smelled amazing so I couldn't wait to look through it.  The second picture shows all the goodies I received!  This is my favorite box (ever) I have received so far.  I love that the products are unique and they really made an effort to find fabulous products for my baby and me. 

Jack and Jill Bio Toothbrush ($4.99) - This will be Amelia's first toothbrush and I had just received a Jack and Jill toothpaste in a different box so bring on the teeth we are ready!  This toothbrush is made from corn starch and soft nylon bristles.  The nylon is recyclable and the handle is biodegradable and the handle is designed for small hands.  

Hazel Village Ella Toad ($39.00) - Seriously how cute is this?  I went to Hazel Village's website and now I feel like I must have them all.  For me.  It is adorable and I kind of want to wake up Amelia so she can see it now, but I will wait until morning.  Lucky for her I have decided to share this little cutie with her (and probably take many pictures together).  As if it wasn't cute enough she also comes with a story of her hobbies and her home.  All the animals can share clothes (more reason to collect them all) and even her little shoes can go off or on. I would be happy if the box came with one of these little animals every month.  I will say it once more, so cute :-)

Maileg Bunny Bib ($14.00) - Maileg's designer is from Denmark and I think this is the brand of the cute fox lovie that was in one of the first boxes.  This bib feels and looks to be of excellent quality.  On their website they called this color the boy color and had a pink one for girls.  I don't mind this color because to me this looks gender neutral (probably their thinking too) and is adorable.  I am very happy to have this included in the box.

Wee Gallery Starry Skies Temporary Tattoos ($6.50) - This is a little bundle exclusive from the Wee Gallery.  They are super cute, but Amelia is a little young for these so I will probably pass these one to an older child.  My nephews would probably love them!

Bonsai Tree Kit ($5.00) -  This is a really unique item for this box.  I love that you never know what you will get!  I personally can't keep a cactus alive, however I have someone in mind who will love this little stocking stuffer this Christmas.

Chi Travel Soy Candle ($6.50) - I love soy candles and it smells amazing.  I am a big fan of Amber and I was surprised to see this scent because it isn't a really common.  I may have to get more of these candles :-)

 Mulberry Press Co Baby Card ($3.95) - A Little Bundle has a tradition of including a card every month so the mamas can write a letter to their little love.  I think it is a really great idea because you can save all these cards for your baby to have when they are older.

Swamp Angel Soap ($5.50) - This is a handcrafted soap from Maine.  This is the wonderful smell I loved when I opened the box.  These sticks are a nice size and all different scents, perfect for sampling and traveling!

   Wow, I can see all the love that went into putting together this box and I can't wait to see more!  A Little Bundle's subscriptions start as low as $36 with a six month subscription.  All totaled up I have a value of $85.44 for this box, which is well above the purchase price!  This is a great start to my subscription and has me soo excited for my next box.  If you are interested in learning more or getting a box for yourself (they also sell gift boxes) click here.  I will add some pictures of Miss Amelia and her friend Ella the toad later :-)

Here is my baby with her new friend!  Aren't they a cute pair :-)

Disclosure: I paid for this box on my own and was in no way compensated for my review.  No referral or affiliated links and all opinions are 100% my own.  Thanks for stopping by!

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