Thursday Thoughts

     I missed Thursday Thoughts last week but I am back!

~  I finally got my Christmas tree up yesterday!  It seemed like the perfect project for a very snowy day.  I had been planning to go to the store yesterday but when I woke up to a foot of snow I decided to stay in.

~  I am finally finding some foods Amelia likes to eat.  She really likes those dried nurturmeals but we are finding some fresh homemade foods she likes as well.

~Miss Amelia turned 7 months old yesterday!  I just can't believe how fast its going!  She is still just crawling backwards, but she is really starting to thin out a bit.  Her cheeks and chin are not as big anymore, I hope she keeps her chubby cheeks a little longer.  Seriously I can't even describe how much I love being her mom and waking up to her everyday!

~ I found some great deals online this last weekend and I am starting to get people crossed off my list.  Makes me so excited for Christmas, which we are having at my house for Matt's side.  I am going all out and going to cook a wonderful meal (and hopefully have the house clean and decorated).  It will also means we only have to drive one day this year instead of two days traveling this year which will be nice especially with the baby!

~  I need to find a day to make some caramels yet.  I started making them three years ago and now everyone is asking for them around Thanksgiving.  They are so yummy, but they are a two day project for sure.  I will also try to get some cookies done before Christmas because i can't have everyone over without much to do.

well I have to get going or I will be late to work.  Have a Happy Thursday!

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