Evergreen Nature vs. Honest Prenatal Vitamins

     I have been taking a prenatal vitamin every day for three years.  First when trying to conceive with Amelia, then pregnancy, nursing and now while we are thinking about a second ;).  Vitamins are important to me since I know my diet is far from perfect and I want to be sure the best nutrition is being passed on.  In this review I am going to take a look at two one-a-day prenatal vitamins.  I know some people prefer the whole food prenatals which are three pills a day but I prefer remembering once daily so thats what I am going to look at today.  In this review I will be taking a closer look at Evergreen Nature and Honest Company prenatal vitamins.

Evergreen Nature Prenatal Vitamins:

  • Small size makes them easier to swallow
  • Inexpensive at $24.77 for 90 days of vitamins
  • Made in USA


  • Contains dyes.
  • Doesn't contain probiotics or enzyme blends. (helps break the vitamin down so it is getting properly absorbed.)
  • Contains Folic Acid instead of Folate (some people have no issues breaking down and converting Folic Acid but some do so I try to stick with Folate)
  • Doesn't contain any minerals
  • No DHA

Honest Company Prenatal Complete One-A-Day:

  • Contains an extensive list of vitamins and minerals needed during pregnancy.
  • Contains Folate instead of Folic Acid
  • Contains prenatal wellness blend
  • Contains Probiotics and Enzyme blends for better digestion of vitamins
  • Made in USA
  • Larger size may be more difficult to swallow for some (I have no problems with swallowing pills so it doesn't bother me)
  • More expensive at $35.95 for two months of vitamins if you buy the bundle
  • No DHA

     Both vitamins have their positives and negatives and while I am not a doctor these are my opinions.  Overall I would say it is pretty clear that the Honest Company Prenatal is a more comprehensive vitamin.  It contains a lot more vitamins and minerals as well as being equipped with Folate.  I also like the herbal blends and the enzymes because your vitamin isn't doing much good if you don't break it down and absorb it.  I would say if you can afford to spend more for a higher quality vitamin it is going to be worth it.  Now if you have extreme troubles swallowing pills or simply can't afford to spend more then the Evergreen Nature is the way to go.  It still contains many basic vitamins needed during pregnancy and nursing.  If you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant it is very important to take a prenatal vitamin preferably 3 months before conceiving!

     Since neither vitamin contains DHA I also take a seperate Omega + DHA supplement.  I also take a separate probiotic, vitamin C, and Vitamin D.  I got these recommendations from my Chiro who also does nutrition.  I am not a doctor so I cannot advise what you may need to add to your regimen but I do suggest asking a nutritionist or doctor if you have concerns.  I hope this post helps to give you an idea of what to look for in a good prenatal!

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Disclosure - Some items in this article have been sent in exchange for an honest review.  Post also contains referral links.  All opinions are 100% my own and not meant to replace medical advice.  If you have health related questions please talk to a doctor.


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