Week 51-52 And done

     You may have noticed I didn't get a blog post up last week as I had a busy holiday.  I did get pictures taken though so I decided to just do one post for the two weeks, which will round out my Project 52.  I am excited to have made it through my project and definitely going to continue learning more.  In some super exciting camera news, I ordered a new Canon 6D!!!  I am trying to patiently wait for my camera to arrive so I can start playing! 

Week 51:

     I took more than one picture this week but I was trying to work on my black and white editing.  I hardly ever do black and white so I thought I would try something different.  It is a nice start but now I kinda want to play around with black and white some more since you can get some really dramatic images that way.  I will admit my model doesn't take direction very well (or at all) so sometimes it is hard to practice a specific technique when I want ;).

Week 52:

     We put up our Christmas tree this week!  Normally we have a giant tree that has about 100 pieces but we are leaving for vacation in January so I simplified with a smaller tree this year.  Amelia was very interested in helping put the tree up, she called it "pretty pretty".

     My helper took a lot of breaks for important things like more lippie.

     She was captivated by the lights once I plugged it in.  We haven't put on any ornaments yet but she loves the lights.  She went through touching each one but overall she has been very nice to the tree.  This week we will have to dig out all the ornaments to decorate it!

     I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who followed along my Project 52.  All the support has helped me keep going instead of quitting (though a couple times I thought about it).   I had started out the year with the goal of learning manual mode on my camera and I have definitely accomplished that.  While I have a lot more to learn this project has helped me come a long way, plus now I have lots of great memories captured!  

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