Week 44/52 Campin Out

      Welcome back!  I can't believe we are already to week 44 out of 52, time flies by.  If this is your first visit I started a year long personal photography project to really improve my phototgraphy.  When I started I wanted to learn to use my camera in manual mode and now that is pretty much all I use.  It has done more than that though, I am really finding I love photography and I cant wait to learn even more.  If you have a camera and want to get more out of it or improve your skills I highly reccomend starting a project like this.

     For week 44, I was able to get my friend's help to try the teepee setup again with much better results.  While not exactly what I was going for (the sun didn't cooperate and decided to hide behind the clouds once I got there) they are still cute photos.  Once again the mosquitos were thick so we had to be super quick.  Most of the time I don't use a tons of props but I love the look of staged shoots as well so this was really fun!  Plus it puts the teepee I made to good use ;).  

     I am super pumped, this weekend I am taking engagement photos for my really good friend!  This will be my first engagement shoot and the colors in the park are gorgeous!  It has gotten chilly however it killed the mosquitos so it should be perfect.   I cannot wait, I have so many fun ideas and I will have models who can actually follow directions (as opposed to my one year old where I just chase her around for photos).  Wish me luck and stay tuned for next week!

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  1. Aw, I love these sweet pictures. Good luck with the engagement shoot. I'm sure that your friend will be delighted. x