Week 43/52 First Attempt

     Week 43 was a great learning experience for me.  I almost didn't want to share these pictures since they didn't turn out, however this personal photography project is for learning and improving not being perfect.  Despite our best efforts, we got outside much later than I had anticipated so we missed the golden hour and didn't have much for light to work with.  Since I was shooting in RAW (best thing ever!) I was able to lighten the photo but my ISO was higher than ideal so there is a fair amount of noise in these pictures.  I also rushed too much and should have brought my teepee farther forward to get beautiful bokeh in the background.  I have plans to recreate this photo shoot this week because I think I can make it much better.   My friend is able to help as long as the weather holds up on Thursday so hope for no rain!  I am excited to give this another try because I think the idea is adorable.

     Once again, thank you for following along in my photography project 52.  Hopefully next week I will have amazing photos to share with you!

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