Weekly Wishes

     Welcome back (or for the first time) to Weekly Wishes! This is a link up I participate in each week to set some goals or wishes to accomplish for the week. If you would like to be a apart of this link up just click the Weekly Wishes button at the bottom of the post.

Last Week -

~ Send in the Graco rebate.  We got Amelia a new carseat a couple weeks ago and it seems like its a keeper so time to send in the rebate!
I had the rebate filled out and ready to go when I realized my husband already threw out the box with the UPC, oops.  I called but apparently the UPC was nonnegotiable, next time I will have to remember to take it off the box right away.

~ Do a practice run on the coffee mug craft for the MOPS meeting next month.  We will decorate coffee mugs with sharpies and then bake them but I have heard mixed reviews on whether it works or not so I figured I better give it a go.
No this will have to get done this week.

~ Go to the Chiro.  I have not been for over two or maybe three months, time has gotten away from me and I am feeling it.
Done, taking Amelia with me is a bit of an experience (involves a lot of crying when I get adjusted).

~ Get some of my reviews finished.  I have some great reviews started that I can't wait to share so I need to finish them up!
Done, I got two done last week and one more for this week.

~ Take pictures of Amelia with her teepee.  I might try and enlist a helper with this to make it easier ;).
Done but I will be redoing.  We got out too late and there wasn't as much light as I wanted plus mosquitos were awful.  I know what I need to fix now so I am excited for the redo!

This Week - 

~ Get the coffee mug example done.

~ Retake pictures of Amelia and her teepee (hopefully with less mosquitos out).

~ Pick a book to read.  It has been awhile since I have read a book for me.  I went to the library and am on the wait list for The Maze Runner and Silver Star but those could be awhile so what good books have you read lately?  I need suggestions!

~ Bake scones or muffins.  I haven't been doing much for baking lately so I am making it a goal this week.

~ Work on Halloween costume ideas!

                                       Those are my goals for this week, what are yours?

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