Week 42/52 The Orchard

        We had a busy week last week and had lots of fun stops!  One of our trips was to the orchard and pumpkin patch and I took a LOT of pictures, so I am sorry for the picture overload this week.  Believe it or not I actually didn't post them all ;).  Anyways if you were reading my blog last year then you might remember Amelia did not want her picture taken at the orchard.  This year she was much more cooperative and even smiley!  It helped that I had a friend with to help occupy Miss Amelia so I could sneak in the photos, not like when we are in the yard by ourselves.

She was not sold on my vision of her walking down the orchard aisle so I only have this one shot, note the angry marching face...

She found the kid picnic tables and LOVED them!  

Just a couple of many big smiles from the kid tables. 

Picking up apples from under the tree.

Silly face!

Happy girl with her apples.

She was very suspicious of this lady ;).

Smelling the flowers...

…or tasting them.

After I asked her not to taste them.

Picked her pumpkin but she couldn't carry it!

She was a big fan of the corn next to the pumpkins too.

     Lots of fun pictures this week and I have more planned for next week!  I am loving all the outdoor pictures so I plan to soak it up before winter.  Some of the leaves are starting to change so soon we should have pretty fall colors, I love fall!  Thank you for following along with my photography project, only ten weeks left and it will have been a year!

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