Weekly Wishes

     Welcome back (or for the first time) to Weekly Wishes! This is a link up I participate in each week to set some goals or wishes to accomplish for the week. If you would like to be a apart of this link up just click the Weekly Wishes button at the bottom of the post.

Last Week - 

~Make Muffins for MOPS and then the first MOPS meeting!!  I am excited for Tuesday's meeting :-)
Done, I made a brown sugar pound cakes with brown butter glaze in cupcake form.  I decided to save my cinnamon rolls from the gas station for a later date ;).  The first meeting went great and I am excited for a fantastic year!

~ Go to the Orchard.
Done, and I have lots of pictures to share tomorrow from it!  We had lots of fun and brought home some goodies.  We also went to the farmers market on Saturday and Miss Amelia had to pick out some gourds and bring those home too.

~ Find some info on ECFE and the library story hour.  I want some more activities for Amelia since she is home with me all the time.
I feel like an overachiever on this one, we had many activities this week and I have heard of a few more.  Mondays are story hour at the library, every 1st and 3rd Tuesday are MOPS, Wednesday mornings are ECFE, and Friday mornings are Kids and Coffee at the YMCA.  Plus last week we also made a trip to the orchard, hiking at Camden, and the Farmers market!

~ Finish up editing Joshua's First Birthday pictures from Saturday.
Done, and I even got the pictures from the orchard and Camden edited too. See I may not have been posting much on my blog last week but we were definitely busy around here.

~ Get Amelia some fall clothes.  The cooler weather this last week made me realize how snug her warmer clothes are.  Plus she needs some new shoes that aren't sandals, maybe some sneakers and boots.
I got them ordered and my big order should be showing up any day (we really need it too).  My smaller order didn't go so well.  I ordered about five pieces in the same size and they were all completely different but none fit.  They were all different brands which explains some of it but I was super disappointed and now I have to return those.  I have high hopes for the bigger order though since those are Carters so they should be more on point.

~ If the weather warms up and cooperates then I would like to get some pictures outside with the teepee I made.  If the weather doesn't cooperate then I will aim for next week.
We did plenty of pictures outside but none with the teepee.  It looks like there should be several nice days this week though.

This Week - 

~ Send in the Graco rebate.  We got Amelia a new carseat a couple weeks ago and it seems like its a keeper so time to send in the rebate!

~ Do a practice run on the coffee mug craft for the MOPS meeting next month.  We will decorate coffee mugs with sharpies and then bake them but I have heard mixed reviews on whether it works or not so I figured I better give it a go.

~ Go to the Chiro.  I have not been for over two or maybe three months, time has gotten away from me and I am feeling it.

~ Get some of my reviews finished.  I have some great reviews started that I can't wait to share so I need to finish them up!

~ Take pictures of Amelia with her teepee.  I might try and enlist a helper with this to make it easier ;).

                                   Those are my goals for this week.  What's on your list?

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  1. These are some great goals! you got a lot done last week too! Rock on!!! I am a little curious what your editing process is like! I always feel like this takes up a lot of time for me!