Week 40/52 Waiting at the Window

      My Project 52 is a photography project to take, edit, and post pictures each week for a year.  It started out as a Project 365 but I was falling behind so I modified it for myself.  This week I was a second at a wedding and it great!  I learned a lot by watching and helping Alyssa, plus I got to take some photos as well.  I am not posting those today (not sure if the couple wants them on here) and I will admit the pictures below are not my best.  I didn't have as much time to spend on my own photos this week since I was busy preparing for the wedding and now editing.  I wanted to try getting Amelia to stand at the window so I could get some pictures of her but I metered the light wrong.  I was going for a more blown out window so she would be correctly exposed however I was metered more for the window.  By the time I corrected my exposure she was over it so this is what I have.

Looking at them she does look a bit crabby, lol.  She was not in the mood for cooperating.  She has been quite moody lately, but I will try for better pictures this week!  Thank you for following along!

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