Fabletics September Review

       Ahhhh, I was pretty excited for this month's Fabletics picks to come up!  I love fall and fall colors and fall outfits and well, you get the point.  Right away I loved the deep jewel toned purple and gray patterns they had going this month.  Purple isnt my normal go to color but give me anything in a jewel tone and I am happy.  Since I jumped right into this month's collection, I better back track for anyone who is new to Fabletics.  Fabletics is an active wear company co founded by Kate Hudson.  When you make your first purchase you are given the opportunity to join the VIP program for some great prices!  As a VIP member you are given new boutiques each month to pick out a new outfit at the VIP price (or several outfits, no judging here).  If  you do not find something between the 1-5th each month simply click the skip month option to avoid being charged that month.  If you forget you will be charged and given a member credit to spend at any time.  I set an alarm in my phone so I don't forget (though I am usually super excited and counting down the days).  Now back to my September picks, I choose the Kalahari outfit (pictured above)!

     I really think the Hawthorn tank is beautiful.  The side panels of black are very slimming and it is nice and long.  When I ordered the tank it was still warm weather so I thought I would be alright with a tank, and now in true Minnesota fashion it suddenly dropped to 50 degrees.  Oh well it is cute and fit nicely so I will just pair it with a sweatshirt.  

     The Kalahari outfit also came with the Salar leggings and a headband.  I love my Salar capris so I was excited to get a pair of the leggings.  The fabric is soft and has maximum compression.  These are just what I thought they would be!  One of the best things about these is I can easily use these under a tunic with boots for fall outfits as well as for the gym.  Love when I can dress something up or down!

     This whole outfit was only $59.95!  I used to spend that on just a pair of pants.  Fabletics outfits start at $49.95 and you can get your first outfit for half off!  Thats right, I said HALF OFF!  This means to try it out you can get an outfit for $25, and if you feel it isn't for you, you can cancel anytime.  I joined back in February and have been loving it!  Did you get an outfit this month?  What did you pick?

Disclosure - This post contains referral links (so thank you for supporting my shopping habit if you use them).  I was not compensated for my review and all opinions are my own.

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