Weekly Wishes

     Hello again!  Another week has flown by and we are getting towards to end of summer.  It is always crazy how fast it goes, but I am looking forward to fall!  In case anyone is new here, Weekly Wishes is a linkup (so please join in) where you make a list of goals/wishes that you would like to achieve that week/month.  The linkup button is at the bottom of this post so please join in the fun and get some stuff done!

Last Week:

~ Finish editing pictures from last week.
Done, I am finally caught up!

~ Publish 4 posts this week.
I only did three so didn't quite get this one.

~ I have materials for a couple new kids activities for Amelia this week!
I finished one project and have several started.  I also bought more supplies for a very exciting project ;)

~ Get back into working out.  I have fallen off the wagon and I need to get back on!
I did technically start this since I did yoga on Saturday, but I suppose I need to keep doing it for that to count.

This Week:

~ Finish at least one of my many started craft projects.  Bonus points if I finish a couple!

~ I would like to get more done for my blog but spend less time doing it.  So I guess my goal is to be more productive.

~ Go to the flea market next weekend.  I really want to find a super cute kids table for Amelia but so far that has been tough.  I saw the perfect table set last year and didn't get it since she was a baby and now I am wishing I had!

~ Get Amelia to try some more new foods.  She is finally starting to try things again (she had an extremely picky phase for awhile) and I want to make sure we keep introducing new foods!

     Those are my goals for this week!  What are your Weekly Wishes?

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