Week 38/52 Chalk It Up

     Playing in the driveway with chalk and bubbles is a summer must!   Miss Amelia is becoming quite the little artist.  She had a lot of fun with the chalk outside which is where last week's pictures are from.   We played with bubbles after the chalk but our hands were way too messy to touch my camera ;).   I think I was right to start with the chalk because once we were into bubbles there was no going back.  Take a look at some of our summer fun and hope to see you again next week!

Loves to show me all her rocks and leaves.

My goofy girl :-)

Coloring the sidewalk (I confess I did the Welcome part).

I <3 those little legs!

...and again with the leaf.

             Thank you for following along on my Project 52 (formerly known as my Project 365).

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  1. Sidewalk chalk drawing was a constant activity this summer. Our front patio was always changing!

  2. She is beautiful congrats. Those little legs! My baby girl is starting to get the little fat rolls now too, so cute I can't even handle it!