Week 37/52 Those Eyes!

     I am a little late in editing and posting pictures this week but here they are!  We went across the street to play at the park.  We were an hour or two too early for the golden hour but they still turned out rather nicely.  Sometimes when I am chasing her around I have no idea if I am getting what I want or not so it is always fun to get them on the computer.  My favorite from this week is the first one, love those big blue eyes and the creamy background bokeh!

     She is always determined not to smile while my camera is up, but I managed to catch one while she was preoccupied with the clover.  She is just looking so much older I can't believe it, when did that happen?  Thank you for following along with my 52 week photography project!


  1. Lovely photos! She looks so adorable! And those eyes! :)

  2. Beautiful! So tough to get little ones with your camera. I just keep snapping away and hope that there's a decent photo in there.