Weekly Wishes

Last Week:

~ Get some reviews done!  Somehow four things for review decided to come at once so I need to start trying and writing.  I love trying and reviewing products though so it will be fun!
Done!  I got the three waiting done, now just waiting for some more in the mail!

~ Start utilizing Pinterest for my blog.
Yes, I got a good start but this is an ongoing goal.

~ Buy a domain and switch over.
No, haven't gotten this done yet.

~ Do a fun new activity with Amelia.  I haven't picked an activity yet but I am sure Pinterest is full of ideas ;).
We did several fun activities this last week.  Some I should have posts about soon and we also went to the farmers market, a parade, and more!

~ Meet up with friends.  I would like to plan something this week which means I should probably start asking!
Done!  I had a few different things last week and more this week!

This Week:

~ Finish editing pictures from last week.

~ Publish 4 posts this week.

~ I have materials for a couple new kids activities for Amelia this week!

~ Get back into working out.  I have fallen off the wagon and I need to get back on!

     These are the goals I have for the week.  What are your weekly wishes?

                                                 The Nectar Collective

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