Week 36/52 A Beautiful Family

     This week I had the pleasure of photographing my friend's beautiful family!  She is an amazing photographer and took photos for our family which I will share in another post ;).  She is moving in a couple days and she wanted some pictures of their family in the house they are leaving.  We did a few poses but she really wanted some candid photos of them just being them.  I got to shoot them doing things as a family such as playing with bubble, reading a story, and eating ice cream!  I am still working my way through editing but here are a few I have gotten done.  I was working with some difficult lighting as it was overcast and lots of the shooting was done indoors, but I was able to get what she had asked for.  It was fun to shoot someone else's family and I am extremely glad she loves them, they were really great to work with!

     Last week was a great week for photos and keep your eyes peeled for the post of our family's photos coming soon!!  Spoiler alert they are gorgeous ;).  I hope you enjoyed this week's photos and thanks for following along!


  1. Great photos! And what a great idea to swap photo sessions with a friend. We're long overdue for a family photo. Our last family pic sadly doesn't include my 3-year-old.

    1. I think it has been about three years since our last too!