Julep August Review + FREE BOX

     This is my second month of Julep and I actually went for the beauty products this month!  Julep is a monthly nail polish and beauty box.  Your first box is a welcome box, which I had already gotten (see here), and then each month the maven window opens up from the 20-24th to pick out your colors and products for the next month.  All new Julep  subscriptions are completely customizable.  You can pick two colors and a beauty/nail product or two beauty products.  You are also given options to upgrade from there and yes, you can get the whole collection if you choose :).

     This month the nail colors just weren't my thing.  They were really bright and sparkly, which I thought was pretty, but I am normally a little more neutral ;).  I also knew I just HAD to try one of their new eye gliders!  That made my choice pretty easy this month and I choose the Modern Beauty box and swapped out eye glider colors.  Julep just switched from DHL to Fedex for shipping to try and get boxes out faster.  Mine was here on the 8th so not too bad (still not super fast but nail polish has to travel ground).  

Smoky Plum Gel Eye Glider - The eye gliders are Julep's new beauty product this month.  They are a cross between a gel and an eye liner.  They go on smoothly and can be smudged but then set and stay put for 10 hours. I have been loving mine so far, I might have to get the Smoky Taupe Shimmer too!

Neutrals Eye Palette -  I have been eyeing this palette for awhile so when I saw the eye gliders I figured it was time! They look lighter in the picture than they do in person but the colors are gorgeous.  They sweep on very nicely and are the perfect size palette for traveling!

   Julep boxes are $24.99 monthly or $19.99 a month for a 3 month subscription.  However right now they have an amazing deal going on where you can sign up for the 3 month Julep  subscription and use the code FREESIZZLE to get a five piece welcome box free and 20% off!!  That ends up being only $48 for four boxes!  It is a great deal and all the new maven boxes are completely customizable so if you do not like their selections you can swap out to get what you want.  Love my selections this month and I cannot wait to see next month's colors (I am hoping for some silk finishes!).

Disclosure - This box was purchased by myself and no compensation was received for this review.  This post does contain referral links.  All opinions are 100% my own.


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I ordered my Julep welcome box last week and have been disappointed that I can't track it (not sure what's going on with that...). But I didn't realize that nail polish has to travel ground (makes sense now that I stop and think about it). Seeing your pictures got me excited about my box again! I also might be more willing to try out their beauty products :)

    1. Yes shipping isn't super fast (thats one of the main complaints with Julep). Once you know that it isn't so bad, I just don't expect my box right away.

  2. Great post but swatches would be so much more helpful and would bring more people to your blog IMO :)