Week 35/52 From the zoo

     I am sure if you read we were going to the zoo, you have probably guessed that is where this last week's pictures will come from.  You would be right!  While there are more pictures in the actual zoo post here are some others!  Miss Amelia gave me a nice pose by the turtle before attempting to make him move.  I also love seeing all the mom and baby animals at the zoo so here are a couple photos.  While I have plenty of photos to remember the day by, I did make sure to put my camera away and enjoy the time as well!

    Aren't they so cute?!  This week I am actually going to have the opportunity to take some family pictures for a photographer friend!  I am super excited and a little nervous, I just don't want to disappoint them, so wish me luck.  Plus as a bonus, she is going to return the favor and take some family photos for us!  I am finally making my hubby take a family photo ;).  He hates pictures so we haven't ever gotten a nice family photo and Amelia is already 15 month old, so it is about time. Once again thank you for following along with this photography project.  I will be back next week with more!

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