Weekly Wishes

Last Week:

~ Join IBA (International Bloggers Association).  I have been pondering this and I have recently talk to a few ladies who highly recommended it so this is the week!
Mostly done?  I joined but to be officially accepted I must write a post on blogging.  I am having a difficult time picking a topic.  Sometimes I feel like I don't know what I am doing ;).

~ Finish some posts!  I have so many fun ideas and I keep starting posts, but this week I need to finish a few.
You may have noticed I did finish two posts for last week!  Plus I have more started and they will be on the way soon.

~ Make the baby game from last week.
Started but not completed.  In my defense I was really making tons of progress when someone (hint it was Amelia) decided to have a meltdown.

~Go to the zoo, take lots of pictures, and have lots of fun!
Done!  You can be expecting a post from our trip later this week :).

This Week:

~Try out Hootsuite to hopefully simplify my social media sharing.

~ Come up with an idea for my IBA blog post and my guest blog post for Atlanta Mom of Three.  So many posts to write!

~ Finish that baby game!

~ Take family pictures this week!!!  Now what to wear?!  Wish us luck, we haven't done a family photo with Amelia yet, eek!

     We have a very busy week this week so hopefully I can get everything done!  What are your goals this week?

                                                 The Nectar Collective


  1. Good luck on your goals this week! I love family pictures. I'm sure you'll come up with something creative :)

    1. Honestly I am just happy my hubby is going (not happily but I will take it!).

  2. Aww, I want to take Samuel back to our zoo here soon! He LOVES animals!! :D

    ~ Valerie

    1. It was so much fun! We are going to the San Diego zoo in January which should be really fun!

  3. Good luck with your goals! I have been hoping to get my blog out there a little more so I will have to check out IBA as an option to do that:)


    1. You should check it out! They have lots of great information and so nice to support one another's blogs!