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    Acure Organics has so kindly given me the chance to try and review some of their products.  Acure Organics is committed to bringing the consumer products free from animal testing, paragons, sulfates, phthalates, harmful preservative, artificial frangrances and colors.  As you know, I have been switching to non toxic and cruelty free products at our house, so I was excited to give them a try!

     When they asked which products I wanted to try, I had given them my hair and skin type to get their recommendations.  I love getting products recommendations from someone who really knows the products because sometimes I fall in love with something I may not have tried!  I was super impressed with their customer service!  They were well informed and helpful which made working with them a breeze.  For those wondering my skin is very dry and sensitive.  I am not prone to breakouts but I do get some redness on my cheeks.  My hair is curly/wavy, dry, and frizzy (aka out of control!).  Below are the products I tried.  I did something a little different with this review and their recommendations and product information given to me by their team is in italics.  Beneath that I am giving my impressions of each product.  I wanted you to see how great their product experts are!

"The ingredients that make the Moroccan Argan Oil and Argan Stem Cell formulation a rock star include Sunflower Lysine, Argan Stem Cells, and Sea Buckthorn. The Sunflower Lysine acts as natural cortisone and blocks the histamine response in skin so it balances, soothes and provides anti-inflammation support. The Argan Stem Cells help to strengthen hair retention boost moisture content and hair regeneration. Sea Buckthorn contains a ton of essential fatty acids and helps support buildup of the skin's lipid layers. Finally, for those concerned with thinning of the hair or hair loss, the zinc and magnesium from the Pumpkin Seed oil helps block DHT (dihydrotestosterone) build up in the follicle. DHT is the hormone often responsible for stress hair loss and male/female pattern hair loss."

Moroccan Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner ($9.99 each) -  Natural shampoo and conditioner has been a tough one for me.  I have tried many brands and either they, A. don't work or B. are too expensive.  Since Acure was a new brand for me I decided to keep an open mind and I was quite surprised!  The shampoo actually lathered up nicely (many natural brands do not have much for a lather).  It left my hair feeling clean but it was still tangled.  Once I applied the conditioner, I let it sit for about five minutes.  When I went to rinse my hair I could already feel a difference!  It really softened my hair and helped to ease out the tangles.  That is important for me because unless I am straightening my hair I don't brush it (that destroys the curls).  Both of these products have a bit of a fruity smell.  I don't mind the smell but its not my favorite.  However they work so well I am willing to over look that.

"The Ultra-hydrating formula contains 20% cocoa butter and 1% CoQ10. This blend also uses coconut, olive and safflower seed oil for their moisturizing properties. There is no added essential oil to the product but due to the high content of cocoa butter, you may catch a subtle cocoa aroma."

Ultra-Hydrating Body Lotion ($9.99) - I am in love with this body lotion! Like they said, you only smell just a slight cocoa butter scent but it is a great summer lotion. It is very moisturizing but it absorbs into skin really well and doesn't leave you greasy. It also passed the shaving test! When I use lotions that are full of chemicals on my legs right after I shave (when they need moisture the most) I always break out into red bumps that sting and burn, ouch. I have used this several times right after shaving and no irritation at all!

"The wildcrafted South African Marula oil packs a huge anti-oxidant power punch to help with anti-aging along with essential fatty acids and proteins to help with firming, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling support. The lightweight formula closely mimics the skins own sebum and will absorb readily to leave skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Marula oil is also great for reducing redness, treating dry sensitive skin and maintaining moisture balance. Plus, like the Argan oil, the Marula oil is great for so much more; sunburns, wound healing and scars, adding shine to hair and decreasing frizz/fly-a-ways, cuticle treatment, etc."

Marula Oil ($15.99) - I have tried Argan oil before and it was alright, but I had never tried Marula oil. I think I will always be keeping some of this around! I use it on my face before lotion but only before bed. It takes a little while to sink in so I think it is best before bed. It really is a wonderful moisturizer and the redness in my cheeks has faded a little in the week I have been using it, so I am a believer! I also use one pump through my hair before blowdrying when wearing my hair straight. Sometimes I take just a dab and smooth it over once it is styled too, really help smooth and tame those frizzy flyaways. I have also started using it on the scars I have from a tattoo removal. It is of course too early to tell but I am hoping it helps fade the scar. So many uses, I highly recommend this versatile product!

"Our USDA Certified Organic lip balm is an emollient blend of coconut, olive, hempseed and argan oils. The beeswax helps the oils penetrate and protect the delicate lip tissue from drying out. The dark chocolate and mint aroma will have you applying it all day!"

Dark Chocolate + Mint Lipbalm ($3.99) - This lip balm is great. Goes on smooth and smells yummy! I hope they make some more scent in the future, maybe a vanilla or lavender!

     "Our Sensitive Facial Cream is an aroma-neutral (no added essential oil component) blend great for dry, irritated and depleted skin. A richer consistency than the night cream, it can be used morning and night. To assist with redness, itchiness and swelling in the tissue, sunflower lysine acts as a natural alternative to cortisone cream and blocks the histamine response that occurs when skin reacts adversely. Chamomile flower, Pumpkin Seed oil , and probiotics reduce inflammation while the Skin Immune blend and Echinacea Stem Cell assist with immune support. The sensitive skin moisturizer can be used as an ointment or spot treatment should the skin have a reaction so it is always great to have on hand."

Sensitive Facial Cream ($19.99) - Between this and the Marula oil, I don't think my face has ever felt this soft! I am super thankful for the product recommendation because I probably would have tried the night cream.  I will be sticking with this as it is working really well for my face. I am using it morning and evening. It is really moisturizing and absorbs into my skin so I can easily apply my makeup afterwards.

     I thoroughly enjoyed all of the products from Acure Organics. If you would like to get product recommendations from their product experts just send them an email at If you just want to look under skin types you can see that here. They also have some Pinterest boards set up by different skin concerns here. Sometimes natural products get a bad rap for not being as potent, but I would say these products really delivered! They were not only effective, they worked BETTER than other products I have tried! All of this and for an extremely affordable price, but wait, you can use code TRYACURE for 15% off your first purchase!

Disclosure - I received these products free of charge to write an informed review.  No monetary compensation was received and opinions are 100% my own.

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