Week 32/52 Around the Yard

    The weather has been so nice and the flowers blooming (except the ones that didn't make it on the left side of my house), so we have been spending time outside!  We are loving summer and Miss Amelia can't get enough of outside.  She has made a lot of progress from the beginning of the summer when the grass made her cry ;).   While she still spends plenty of time collecting rocks, she has gotten very interested in everything else.  She must now help daddy water the new tree and bushes and inspect the hard for treasures such as pinecones and sticks.  Here are a few photos I managed to sneak in last week!

I am in LOVE with the hydrangeas, they are so gorgeous!

Doing her "chores" and watering the tree.

You know, just chillin in the grass.

Someone is obsessed with the "blue water" daddy drinks.  

        Photographing a busy toddler is much harder than it looks.  I have read countless articles on photography but it is hard to put any knowledge of the technical aspects to use when I am just trying to get her in the frame.  Luckily this project makes me keep at it and I am getting plenty of lifestyle shots.  Does anyone have "secrets" for photographing toddlers?  If so I  would love to hear them!

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