Weekly Wishes

   It was a busy week, summer is going by so fast.  I did quite well on my list for last week and actually got everything done.  Of course I have plenty of new tasks for the upcoming week, it never ends!

Last Week:

~ This week I need to make a trip to SF to pick up my wedding ring.  It is finally fixed (long story) and I really hope it is right this time.  I think it will make the most sense to make this trip on Wednesday so Amelia will be at daycare (makes the trip way easier).
I made my trip to Sioux Falls and got my ring.  Too bad the next morning it fell apart…  I don't even want to talk about it, nothing but a headache.  

~ Wednesday is usually the day I get a good cleaning of the house done (yes, I pick up everyday).  Since I will be gone Wed. I need to try and fit this in while my little one is "helping".  

Done, done, and done ;).  Too bad this is a chore that is never actually done!  #Ihatecleaning #hastobedone

~ Go to Art in the Park!!  I am pumped for this, I love Art in the Park!  It is a little over an hour away but it is huge and so much fun :)

This was so much fun, I love Art in the Park!  It is like a fair meets flea market meets art.  Lots to look at, eat, and listen too.  Of course I had lots of yummy food (fresh donut holes, fresh squeezed lemonade, cheese curds, etc) and I also came home with plenty of goodies (wine cocktail mix, blueberry almond butter, lotion, and herbal remedies).  

This week:


~ Recover the seat of my little kid's rocking chair.  I finally have the fabric so it is time to get it done!

~ Get my wedding ring put on our homeowner's insurance (I know this should have been done over three years ago).

~ Work on clearing out my crafty room again.  I had previously made so much progress here but with Kmart closing and target clearance I have gotten lots of birthday and Christmas gifts which are now taking over the room!  All of this needs to be sorted and find a home that is more out of the way.

~ Work on getting some more reviews and giveaways set up. Currently I have a Julep giveaway going on (enter here), plus two more coming soon (they are going to be awesome!). 

~ Start a core workout.  I have put this on the list before, but I have yet to DO it!  I am getting quite a few miles of walking in each week but that does not help build up my core.

   I think that is all I will list this week.  I can't wait to get that chair done, I really hope I like the final product!  This should be plenty to keep me busy during nap times :).  What are your Weekly Wishes?

                                                 The Nectar Collective


  1. I love Julep too! That chair is going to look awesome with that fabric. :) Good luck with your wishes this week!


  2. This is a great idea...kind of like a way to make your to-do list FUN each week! :D
    Thanks for joining the new Facebook group, I'm happy to have found your blog. :)

    1. Thanks, I really enjoy this linkup. It helps to write it all down and prioritize for the week.