Week 31/52 Fourth Of July

    The holiday weekend was the perfect time to get out and take some pictures!  This week was tough, I couldn't get Amelia to cooperate, one year olds will do that.  I also decided to try photographing the fireworks.  Before going out I did read an article on it, which suggested using a tripod.  I did not use a tripod and it is safe to say the article was right, I needed a tripod.  Live and learn I guess!

I took Miss Amelia to the park Thursday morning and she had lots of fun.  No time to look at the camera though.

At least here she was looking up from the ground!

Soooo, this is the best you are getting from me.  I do not think anybody will be calling me to photograph fireworks anytime soon ;).  Maybe next year will be better?

Those lashes!!  

    One year olds can be tough models to work with.  While I didn't get any shots of her looking at me or even where I could see her pretty blue eyes, I still got some pictures.  The fireworks, well, not so much.  To make it even more sad, I compiled those fireworks into the same shot (so they looked even sadder if thats even possible).  Oh well, that is how you learn! 

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