Weekly Wishes


    This last week flew by!  We had a great holiday weekend and now it is time to get back to our schedule.  While we didn't have any crazy holiday plans we did take Amelia to the park, out for supper, and then to the fireworks on the fourth.  On Saturday we made the trip down to the flea markets and Sunday we took it easy!  Time to see how I did with last week's wishes before moving onto the new ones.

Last week:

~ I would like to get out a couple times this week (preferably in the evening or morning) and get 
some pictures.  I think I am really getting better and I want to keep going.  I am also trying to edit and reedit some photos I have already taken.
While I do have some new photos from this last week to edit, I wish i could have gotten out more.  It is hard to take photos during the day with such harsh sun and by evenings I am often too busy with our evening routine to remember to go back out.  I need to work on it!

~ Take Amelia to the park and try the swings again.  The last few park visits the swings have not been a hit, but neither was grass the first couple times and now she runs all over it!

We did go to the park, but not the park with swings.  She got to go down the slide and play in the sand though!

~ Go to the flea markets next weekend.  I love walking around the flea markets and hopefully the weather will be nice!  You never know what you might find…

This we definitely got done!  I was a bit disappointed because I wanted to get some tupperware but she wasn't there this time :(.  I did manage to find the ladies who had the cutest kids table and chair set last year and while they didn't have a set this time they are going to try and get me one!  Eeeek I am excited and I need to Facebook them soon!  Think chalkboard paint on the top and a shabby chic heirloom white, I wish I had taken a picture.

~ Fireworks!!  This year I think we should take Amelia to see the fireworks.  She is still pretty young so its a gamble on whether she will enjoy it but I am excited to find out!  The only thing is it will be way past her bedtime so she might be crabby.
Done, done and done!  I was extremely excited to take my little girl to her first fireworks.  I was hard to keep her up that late since it was way past her bedtime but she seemed to enjoy watching them.  Outside the car she was a little scared of the loud sound but we had a great parking spot and could easily watch from the car.

This week:

~ This week I need to make a trip to SF to pick up my wedding ring.  It is finally fixed (long story) and I really hope it is right this time.  I think it will make the most sense to make this trip on Wednesday so Amelia will be at daycare (makes the trip way easier).

~ Wednesday is usually the day I get a good cleaning of the house done (yes, I pick up everyday).  Since I will be gone Wed. I need to try and fit this in while my little one is "helping".  

~ Go to Art in the Park!!  I am pumped for this, I love Art in the Park!  It is a little over an hour away but it is huge and so much fun :)

                                       That is it for this week.  What are your plans or goals?

                                                   The Nectar Collective

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  1. Good luck with your goals this week. Your baby is a darling!