Thursday Thoughts

Amelia is finally napping so it is time to link up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thursday Thoughts!  Which incidentally also means it is almost the weekend ;).

~ Remember when I said this year I was going to keep all of my flowers alive?  Well the left side of my house pretty much killed them (it couldn't be that I forget to water sometimes). However the right side of my house is overflowing the window boxes!  Hard to believe the difference.  The left side is full sun all day and the right side gets a lot more shade.  I am toying with the idea of not even planting flowers on the left side anymore, they never last :(.

~ This morning we went on a walk with one of my friends and her dog.  Amelia loves being outside  so it is a win for everyone.  We did 3.7 miles but it was HOT!  The top right picture is when Grizz walked to the grass and just plopped down on the way home.  Apparently even he was done!

~ I was so pumped to FINALLY get to pick up my wedding ring!!  Long story but I have had to have the jeweler send it in four times now (each time takes between 2-10 weeks).   They finally put the right mounting back on it and it looks like it should (see photo on right with the cute little elephant). Now fast forward to this morning, only half a day since I have had it back, and one of the spots they soldered the jacket to the wedding ring has broken apart (see photo on the left).  I think they had to take it apart to fix the mounting and it must not have been put back very well.  I would like to note that I don't shower or sleep with it on and am very gentle with it.  Ugh, I am so frustrated with this right now.... It is a 1 1/2 hour drive for me to take it in so it's not a quick trip and I just want to wear my ring already!

 ~ My trip out of town to pick up my ring was not wasted!  I hit up the target toy clearance (not pictured since it includes gifts and I don't want to spoil anything), new towels at BBB, plenty of new clothes for Miss Amelia (so many awesome deals), and of course a treat for me!  I am so excited to try out my new Too Faced items, if it's good enough for the best beauty bloggers it is good enough for me ;). Seriously though, I have been wanting to try these so hopefully they live up to all the hype!

~ Soooo remember the little kid rocking chair I bought way back Memorial Day weekend?  I have been looking for some fabric to recover the seat and I finally decided on this!  I like the mustard yellow and hopefully it will look cute when I am done.

~ This Saturday a friend and I are going to Art in the Park!  It is about an hour away, but it is so much fun!  There are so many artists and so much to see, i don't know that I "need" anything but you never know.
      That's it for now, what are you up to this week?

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