Teething Woes: Finding Relief Naturally

     Teething isn't fun for anyone.  Baby is fussy and uncomfortable and you are probably going out of your mind trying to bring some kind of relief.  My daughter was a late bloomer in the tooth department. She didn't get her first tooth until almost one year old and still only has five at 14 months.  Her first three came through with almost no problem but the last two have been tough.  I really do not like to give Tylenol or medicine unless it is the last resort, so we have been trying to find natural ways of relieving the discomfort.  Now, there is no "right" way and every baby is different, but hopefully you can find some relief from one or more of the following suggestions.

Teething Toys
Teething toys come in many forms from the famous Sophie giraffe to the squishy circle rings you put in the fridge.  Chances are your baby will benefit most from using a few different textures so they don't lose interest.  Amelia especially loved chewing on her Sophie, wood tethers, and teething jewelry.  Chances are your baby won't be too picky with what they are chewing on and when they get bored switch it up!

Amber Teething Necklace
I know people who swear by these and ours would probably work better if I could find it.  This is definitely something to try, just make sure you are taking it off when they are sleeping.  I will probably get another and try this out if I don't find ours soon (I took it off and put it somewhere to keep it safe…you know how that goes).

Wet Wash Cloth
Amelia was always chewing on fabric and really enjoyed the wet washcloth trick!  For really irritated gums you can also refrigerate or dip just a corner and freeze it.

Chamomile Tea
Chamomile is a great herb and has many uses.  It is supposed to help settle tummies, sleep problems, and help with gum irritations.  You can steep a bag of chamomile in boiling water and then let it completely cool (you might even try adding a whole clove or two which also helps).  You can then have baby drink some tea.  If they are not a fan of the taste you can try adding some apple juice to sweeten it or honey (honey is only for babies over a year).  You can also dip the corner of a wash cloth in it and freeze or refrigerate.  Some people rub the cooled tea bag on baby's gums but Amelia wouldn't  allow that.

Tea or Breastmilk Cubes
You can freeze chamomile tea or breast milk into ice cubes and then wrap them in a wash cloth for you little one.  I probably wouldn't give it to them without the rag since it could be too cold on their gums.  I would also be careful if they have teeth through already so they don't chip a tooth (that might just be me being overly worried but better to be safe).

Chewing on Food
If your baby is old enough for food then there are several foods they can chew on.  A friend of mine recommended giving a frozen waffle or a refrigerated bagel for chewing.  You could also make or buy teething biscuits for you little one to gum.  You could freeze a peeled banana or other fruit and put it in a mesh feeder, just make sure you are alright with the resulting mess!  The banana is a great idea since it may also help with those dreaded teething diapers.

This might sound silly but it really can help.  Sometimes when we are having a particularly rough day from teething a change of pace is what we need.  This includes taking a bath, going for a walk or playing outside, or reading a book.  Those are activities Amelia thoroughly enjoys so they can usual take her mind off her mouth for a bit.

    These are some of the methods of teething relief we use.   If you have a little one teething I hope this list helps you out!  Do you have any tried and true methods that worked for your little?  I know there is a lot of differing advice on the subject and obviously every baby is different.  You just have to trust your instinct and/or research and do what works for you and your baby.

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  1. Great ideas! I love how organized and informative everything is! Also, there are several ideas that even after having four kids I haven't tried before. I'll be attempting some of these. :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! I am glad I could give you some new ideas to try.

  2. Wonderful post! I love researched, informative articles. :) Teething is a crazy time, for sure. Your ideas are sure to help!
    ~ Valerie

  3. Great and helpful post. I do chamomile a lot with our daughter when she's sick, teething, restless and it definitely seems to help. Teething can be chaos!

  4. It's always nice to see a calm, well laid out list of things to try when you are in the throes of teething (or any other exhausting childhood development) issues.

  5. I never thought of the cold bagels or frozen waffles! My 13 month old has 12 teeth, and we are dying over here. I will DEFINITELY be trying that soon!

    1. Oh goodness, Amelia is only on her sixth! Good luck!

  6. I think my original comment disappeared somehow. Aw man!

    Anyway, if I could get rid of the massive amounts of drool that my 7 month old daughter produces, I would be one happy mama! Overall she isn't too fussy (knock on wood, I know it'll probably get worse!) but we go through onesie after onesie, day after day. And bibs don't help because they cause the drool to get all stuck up under her chin and she gets a rash from the moisture. Great post! Thank you for sharing.

    1. I am glad you came and left another then! I found the honest company healing balm clears the redness from under my daughters chin. I hope she stays in good spirits through teething, good luck!