Weekly Wishes

      We had such a nice weekend, it went so fast!  I stocked up on some birthday and Christmas presents for my nephew.  I know it seems early but our Kmart is going out of business so I am thinking ahead!  We also got a visit from my mom (who also wanted to check out Kmart) and went out for supper Sunday night.  I only got half of my list done from last week :(.  I guess thats better than nothing?

Last Week:

~ Get the gift bags and snacks ready for my Fabletics meet up!  I think this is going to be fun and the weather report says it will be nice out!  We will be meeting at the park for a walk and to learn about , Fabletics I am excited they let me host one!
I got this one done!  It was a beautiful day at the park for a get together and even walked 2.33miles!  

~ Finish clearing out my craft room and transitioning it to a playroom!
I not only didn't get this done, I may have made it worse.  Now I added all my Kmart haul and I have even more things to find homes for.  Can't win them all.

~ I would like to think about adding another weekly post, just not sure what yet.  Maybe another linkup?  I always think those are fun.  Do you have any favorite link ups?
Not going to lie I did not work on this at all.  No particular reason,  just didn't get it done.

~ I am always pinning stuff on Pinterest, but this week I should actually DO one pin!  That could mean trying a new recipe, craft, or cleaning solution.  Now to not get lost for hours picking a pin to try ;)
I used a couple nail design pins to base my mani on this week!  When I got my Julep red marker sale order in I knew I had to do a fun manicure.  It was hard to pick a color with so many new choices!

This Week:

~ I would like to get out a couple times this week (preferably in the evening or morning) and get some pictures.  I think I am really getting better and I want to keep going.  I am also trying to edit and reedit some photos I have already taken.

~ Take Amelia to the park and try the swings again.  The last few park visits the swings have not been a hit, but neither was grass the first couple times and now she runs all over it!

~ Go to the flea markets next weekend.  I love walking around the flea markets and hopefully the weather will be nice!  You never know what you might find…

~ Fireworks!!  This year I think we should take Amelia to see the fireworks.  She is still pretty young so its a gamble on whether she will enjoy it but I am excited to find out!  The only thing is it will be way past her bedtime so she might be crabby.

     I know my goals are not too taxing this week, but it is a holiday week and we will have fun!  Do you have some wishes you would like to accomplish this week?  What are your plans for the holiday week?

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  1. I just saw a commercial for Fabletics for the first time today and was instantly curious! So glad to hear someone else had a great experience! I hope you get to go out this week! Good luck with the goals! You can do it! :)

    1. I love it! I signed up thinking I would just get an outfit to try it out, which was back in February and now I am getting 1+ outfits each month!

  2. I don't think it's ever too soon to start thinking about Christmas presents. Seize sales and spread out the spending, I say!

    1. Glad I am not the only one! With everything on sale I figured might as well start stocking up. Plus then I won't have to worry about getting to the store when it's closer to Christmas.

    2. How was your Fabletics meet up?? I checked out their website but haven't bought anything. Do you like their clothing? I love your nails! They look awesome! I never do a good job on my nails :( I also love getting stuff on sale and it's never to early to get xmas presents out of the way especially if you found something perfect for someone. I just have a hard time waiting until xmas to give it to them :p BTW - just a tip - would be great if you update your disqus profile to include your blog link so it's easier for people (aka me :)) to just click on it to get to your blog. Anyhoo have a great week! www.shoutingchow.com