Week 30/52 Here Comes the Sun

    I will confess, this week I waited until Sunday and realized I hadn't taken any pictures.  Since we had worship in the park Sunday morning I brought my camera and figured I could snap a couple quick pictures afterward.  I was just trying to get a couple photos despite the harsh bright sun and really dark shadows.  Coupling the unflattering light with too many other people there and a toddler running like crazy needless to say they did go well.  I couldn't meter correctly for shadows and sun, and well Amelia didn't stay put.  When I got them up on the computer I could only "fix" them so much and I decided I would do better!  After my hubby took us out for supper I took her back to the park for the golden hour (the hour before sunset when the lighting is best).  I am so incredibly happy I decided to do it right and go back, the resulting photos are amazing!  I have been working hard on my editing and while I am not sure the close up is where I want it, I feel like the other three turned out pretty darn cute!

 The mix of the sun flare and her little "pose" is just too sweet!

Her expression is why I love this one so much, and yes those are rocks in her hands (she is obsessed).

Look at those two little teeth!  

Normally I try to avoid harsh shadows but I love the way the sun is hitting her.  This picture makes me want to play with direct light more often.

    All in all I would say this is one of my favorite batches of pictures I have done!  I am really starting to see the difference in my work from last fall just starting in manual mode to now.  I would definitely say without a project like this I would not have made so much progress this fast.  The best part is I am still learning so I will only get better!  Thank you for following along!


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