Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

     I am back!  So sorry to just disappear but sometimes you just need a little break but I am going to try and get back to regular blog updates!  We have been busy and havin fun here.  I love this nice spring weather that finally came our way, a couple days were a little warm for my taste but mostly beautiful.  I did not post weekly wishes for last week but I did get a lot done (but I still have a lot to do too!). 

This week's goals:

~ Keep up with weeding and watering my flowers.  Seriously I WILL keep them alive this year!  Also I am really starting to hate my neighbors tree that blew seeds in all my planters and window boxes, every few days I am pulling out hundreds of little tree sprouts.

~ Continue to walk and/or do core workouts.  I have been doing pretty good at trying to either do a little core workout or go for a walk and need to keep it up!  I don't go everyday and it would be great if I could stay motivated to go most days.

~ Make crispy cakes!  So I am always seeing everyone getting Crispycakes from The Crispery (which are super tasty!) and since I can't get them around here I am going to play with a rice crispy recipe and see if I can get similar results (after all they are just really really good rice crispy treats!). 

~ Edit pictures.  This is a never ending task and I love it!  I am going to try and get last weeks pictures done soon though so I can keep taking more.  On a side note, I am extremely happy I decided to get a DSLR and learn to shoot in manual mode.  I am lovin it and I have so many more pictures of Amelia than I would otherwise.  I highly recommend learning!

~ Pick out Fabric to reupholster this adorable kids rocking chair I got from the Flea market.  I think this will be so cute once I pick a fabric, I can't decide if is should paint it as well or leave the wood as is.  The lady told me this is from the 1940s and it's in really great shape, very sturdy!

     Well, there are of course more things I have on my mental list but I will start with these.  We will be enjoying more beautiful weather (hopefully) and getting stuff done!  What are your plans for this week? 


  1. Welcome back! Breaks from blogging are so nice sometimes. The chair looks adorable, I can't wait to see what fabric you choose. I work for a fabric company and every time we launch a new line I feel like I need to make a million different things with it.

  2. Sounds like a week full of production. You go gal!