25/52 One Year photos

I am happy to say that the weather has been gorgeous and we got out to the park to take pictures of Miss Amelia in her birthday dress!  It didn't start out great since she really doesn't care for grass, or being put down without me right there.  I had brought a blanket and the secret weapon... Yogurt bites!  She was pretty unhappy when I put her on that blanket but I sprinkled yogurt bites on the skirt of her dress and that did the trick.  It was a lot of work on my part quickly giving a couple treats then getting back quick to snap a couple shots and repeating.  Good exercise though and I got my squats in for the day!  

Now I used my 50mm since we were outside which was a little different since I usually use my little zoom inside but I really love that lens!  It is nice and sharp and gave a nice background blur.  I will definitely be using that more this summer.  Now I edited a couple different ways and couldn't decide which direction I like better so I included both in this post.  I would love to hear which you like better!

Ummm so this idea was from Pinterest and I will say it is harder than you might think to get a good picture of each letter!  I did what I could and I think it turned out pretty cute.

I might still play with the editing a bit more but I am very pleased with how they turned out.  She is such a cutie pie, now I just have to get her to walk in the grass ;)

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