Week 26/52 - Flowers and Sun

Well last week was beautiful here!  I got out my zoom and took some pictures of the crab apple tree.  I always love this tree in the spring and then not so much in the fall when we are walking all over crab apples, but for now lovely!  I also went outside with Miss Amelia.  She is getting better about being in the grass but still prefers to keep to the sidewalk, we will keep working on it.

As you will notice Amelia is not looking at me for any of these pictures.  Toddlers will be toddlers, and she had too much to do than pay me any attention.  We will have to get her sand and water table set up so she can play around with that and if the weather warms up just a tad (this week has been about 70) then hopefully a pool day!  That is it for this week and I will be back again next week!

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