Thursday Thoughts

It is Thursday, which means it is time to link up for Thursday Thoughts!

~ So everyone with all the posts on Facebook about Cripsery Crispy Cakes I decided to make my own.  I took. Rice crispy treat recipe and changed it up a little.  I doubled the marshmallows and put it lots of butter and they turned out pretty darn tasty!  I know they aren't exactly the same as crispy cakes but they have really helped my craving for one!

~ Miss Amelia has been teething again.  She didn't feel well for a few days and then I felt two more teeth which puts her up to four teeth!  On the plus side I have gotten lots of extra snuggles!

~ We still haven't made it to the pool :(. Between Amelia not feeling well last week and the weather being rainy and chilly now this week it just hasn't happened yet.  Today and tomorrow are looking rainy so we have been taking turns reading books to each other.  Hopefully the rain clear up long enough for a couple walks at least!

~ I have a few great boxes coming soon!  The Hemp Box has released their launch box, I also have FableticsEllie, and Julep (Petit Vour ships soon too I believe).  Three of these are completely new for me (and Hemp Box is brand new) so I am pretty excited to get my hands on them!

~ Has anyone tried these Yes to Carrots wipes?  I have heard people raving about them so I decided to give them a go and wow... My face was instantly burning and red, not good at all!  Even after I splashed water on my face it felt like it was on fire.  Never again.  This is why I use Norwex wash clothes with water to clean my face!

Anyways that what's going on over here!  What are you up to?


  1. Your crispy cake looks awesome! I'm impressed...and a tad jealous :)

    Stopping by from the link-up - enjoyed your post!

    1. It is hard to only eat one and walk away! I was supposed to be eating healthy but I am telling myself it is ok because I walked 2.5 miles so I must deserve a treat :)