Week 27/52 Summer Fun

    Well last week I was naughty and didn't bring my camera with me :(. Luckily I did have my phone so I still have pictures to share!  I usually post much earlier in the week but I got caught up in other things.  As you can see we have been having a great summer!

Try as I might, it is hard to get a picture of an excited toddler at the swimming pool so I have her in the stroller (helps when they are stuck ;)) and her running around at our house.  She likes playing in the water but is so far not sold on being in the pool.  I think she will like it once she gets used to it.

Here is little Miss playing on her little play set daddy set up.  She thinks the slide is pretty cool but does not like the swing!  I have tried a few different swings with her this summer and so far it is a no go!

We have been doing a lot of walking this summer which is great.  She loves the ride and I need the exercise.  On one of our walks we went to my friends house and got to see their ducks!  Amelia was not scared at all, in fact she was very curious about these ducks.  It was pretty cute watching her look at them and she even got a chance to pet one!

That is all I have for week 27!  I am loving summer and having so much fun with my little Miss.  I will have to try and take my camera with me more often.  Sometimes that is easier said than done :)


  1. Hi Amanda! Your photos are great! I found your blog through the link-up at Click It Up a Notch. My husband and I are in the process of creating a new feature at The Albums to help our members begin and finish a Project 365.

    I was wondering…since you've been so consistent in taking pictures, what's one piece of advice you would tell someone about to embark on a photography project?

    Thanks so much!

    1. I actually started out posting daily pictures but I couldn't keep up. I adjusted to posting once a week so that I didn't give up altogether! I think you have to figure out what is a realistic but still challenging goal and don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes it takes me a couple extra days to get them posted my the blog but I am still going and still learning! Hope that helps :)

  2. Thanks for getting back to me, Amanda, and for the great advice! We are going to do a blog post or two on starting a successful Project 365 - would it be ok if we quote you and link to your project?

    P.S. We just started an Instagram account with daily photo prompts if you are ever looking for some inspiration! http://instagram.com/thealbumsco