Thursday Thoughts

    Time for Thursday Thoughts with Jen from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom!

~ Well I am sick of rain, flooding, thunderstorms, and tornado warnings for a while.  The weather obviously does not like us this year.  Thankfully there hasn't been any damage or anyone hurt!  Last night I could barely sleep though with the storms and tornado warnings. Bad weather makes me really nervous :(

~ Amelia is doing awesome at daycare now!  She had troubles right away but I think she is really starting to enjoy it.  She no longer cries at all when I drop her off, which makes me feel much better too.  I am hoping she will jump right back in after our provider's maternity leave and we don't have to start over.  It is good for her to get to play with other kids and get out of the house one day a week (plus it gives me a day to get stuff done!).

~ I took my free day yesterday and started cleaning out my craft room.  I have been avoiding this task for awhile but I want to make it a play room for Amelia.  I actually made it through way more than I thought, just proves the hardest part is starting.  I am having troubles deciding what to keep and what to get rid of though.  As a bonus, I did find some gift cards and cash!  On a similar sad note I also found a couple checks that were missed from our wedding.  I just hope they still got a thank you!  I don't know how some cards were missed from our wedding but at least I decided to go through them (and that's how things end up taking forever). We really got some beautiful cards for our wedding!  I also found little notecards that people had written marriage advice on (love seeing sweet things like that!). It had been awhile since I had looked at those,I will have to find them a safe place.  I am still far from done, but it feels good to have made some progress.

~ I received my order for 10 Sample Society boxes today!!!  They were selling past boxes in bundles of 5 for $25 and code bbtwitter saves $15 on $50, making it only $35!  They are sold out right now but I will update if they come back in stock.  (Found at and my referral code is H.AN5288). I will be doing a review and a giveaway, so check back!

~ I am excited, tomorrow the Julep window opens!  This will be my first month and they are releasing a new body lotion.  I also saw a sneak peek of the colors and the teal is so pretty! I have just recently gotten into my nails so it is time to build up my collection :)

~ I need to get back on my walking routine!  I was doing so well and then this weather got to me.  No excuses though I need to start again.  I am also seriously debating buying PIYO.  It launched today and looks like a fun workout!

    Well that's it for this Thursday.  What are you up to?


  1. Hi..stopping by from the link up..adorable pic by the way! Isn't a relief when your child begins to warm up to daycare/camp?!

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