28/52 Pajama Day

      This last week's photos are just from hanging out in our living room.  No fancy outfits or pretty backgrounds, just real life :).  I have finally decided to take the plunge and back button focus!  I am definitely still learning and adapting to this so I will hold off judgment for now.  It is a little hard to break habits so using my thumb to focus is taking some getting used to.  Anyways onto the pictures!

This is the best spot to watch cartoons, not sure I understand the appeal.

Pretty blue eyes and love those little curls!

The best dishes are always on the top shelf ;)

And I guess we are over pictures…

Well that is it for this week. Sorry it is nothing terribly exciting, but this is my life!  I like that this project makes me think about capturing more of these everyday moments.  Sometimes (most of the time) the house is a mess and we are not dressed to the nines but these memories are still precious!  Thanks for following along and see you next week!

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