Weekly Wishes

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       I actually did pretty well on last weeks wishes.  I got a few blog posts up although I did miss Thursdays linkup (somehow I just forgot it was Thursday).  I did a cake smash photo shoot with miss Amelia but the weather hasn't cooperated for outdoor pictures yet.  I will try and get the cake smash photos up tomorrow :).   As a bonus I even got a few great sky photos this last week... which is probably only exciting to me.  I have been working on reading my book but it sounds like my hubby has zero interest in seeing The Fault in our Stars so I may have to find a friend. And finally I have been putting a lot of thought into what I want to do and I do have a few ideas which has me feeling better about the whole job thing.  For now I have really been enjoying my extra time with my little girl!

This week's wishes:

~ Get my new vacuum and vacuum the floors!  I know it probably doesn't sound exciting but I am pumped to get a new vacuum (my old one isn't working very well and it driving me crazy).

~ I just signed up for Herbalife so I am going to get my stuff and start that this week.  I would also like to start getting some kind of exercise in.  Ideally if the weather would just be nice I could take Amelia on walks, but since the weather doesn't like me I need a backup plan.

~ I might take Amelia to the pool this week.  Obviously I am talking about the indoor pool but I think she might like that, plus we won't have to worry about the sun.

~ Get my flowers planted!  First step in that would be to buy flowers which I am planning to do on Wednesday.  If Wednesday is nice enough I could possibly get some planting done while Amelia is at daycare.

    Well that's what I am planning on this week!  What are you hoping to get done?

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  1. The cake smash photos sound exciting! I love everything that has to do with cake ;-)