Weekly Wishes

The Nectar Collective

Well I got a lot done this week, which feels pretty good!  I am almost done with my book and I even got outside finally to take pictures!  This nicer weather has me feeling better already.  I think all this cold gloomy weather might have been why I had been feeling so tired and sluggish.  I also took down my winter decor but I haven't gotten the spring stuff up (I got sidetracked cleaning out the closet).  The only thing I haven't gotten done is Amelia's invites (I will work on today) and get my photography post up (I took pictures though so half way there!).  Anyways onto this weeks wishes...

~ Finish up invites and get them mailed out.

~ Get outside and enjoy the weather (possibly get some pictures).

~ Make s'mores cupcakes.

~ Finish editing photos from Easter!

~ Come  up with party ideas for Amelia's birthday party :-)

~ Pick out a new vacuum for my Mothers Day gift (I know this doesn't sounds exciting but I am really excited!). Maybe if I am really nice I can get a camera bag too (I have one I have been eyeing!).

Alright once again lots to do but some of them are fun things too.  I am hoping for lots of nice weather this week and maybe some good photos ops  outside with Miss Amelia!  Well this is what I will be doing, what are your weekly wishes?


  1. I think it's good to add some fun things too, we always focus so much on the necessary stuff that we forget to have fun and relax, which is what I intend to do for the next few weeks and not focus on goals. I do have a birthday party coming up too in about three weeks, and I need to get some ideas too.

    And I think we mama's always focus too much on practical presents and not something we really like and deserve. So there you go, I think you should get that camera bag too :-)

    Good luck on your wishes!

  2. Sounds likes you have some fun goals lined up - good luck with them, especially planning Amelia's party which should be great fun! Stopping by via the Weekly Wishes link up :-)