Week 21/52 Easter

So I must be a little rusty after falling off the wagon and taking a few weeks off, because I had a tough time getting pictures on Easter morning.  I posted the best of what I got but most of my photos are not useable because I was having difficulties with my flash.  The bright side is I now know to use the flash I must slow down my shutter speed!  The funny thing is I use my flash quite a lot and this is the first time my shutter speed was fast enough to have that problem.  Anyways here is my little love with her Easter basket...

She always goes right for the books!  She is going to be my little book worm ;)

I also got a few photos that I tried doing more editing on.  I am trying to test out my new "skills" after my editing workshop.  (I took Jackie Jean's Create)  


Here is my edited photo!


Again here is the edited version!

Well there you have it, I learned a lot in the webinar but I still have lots more to learn.  I am really starting to get the hang of my PSE.  I can't wait to take more pictures and keep practicing my editing.  I will be back next week and the week after that will be someones first birthday photos, eek!


  1. Hey Amanda! What a cute baby you have! And that's some pretty great editing! It's amazing what things you can do to really bring out different moods and elements of a photo!

    -- Erika from America

    1. Thanks you so much! You really can do so many different things with editing it is a lot of fun to play around with!