Citrus Lane Review April + Sale

    We got our Citrus Lane box(es) this week!  For those that don't know Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box for kids 0-5 years.  It is customized to your child's age and gender so I received the 12 month girl box for my daughter and a 24 month girl box for a gift.  I was really excited to see what we would get this month especially after seeing the cute flower set in the spoilers pictures.  Since I normally  just get Amelia's box that is the one I am doing the full review on though I will definitely post a photo of our gift box.

This is the 12 month girl box and right away I loved the cute pink car!  Since Earth day is this month  they selected products from brands who focus on eco friendly design.  I love eco friendly products so this is a welcome theme for us.

Mrs Meyers Dish Soap Sample ($1.00) - I love Mrs. Meyer's products and I actually haven't tried their dish soap so this will go to good use.  

Snack Bowls by Green Eats ($6.99) - These bowls are made in the USA from recycled milk containers.  They are nice and small so I may actually let her use these as play dishes since we have so many bowls.  

Race Car from Green Toys ($8.99) - This car is also made in the USA from recycled milk jugs.  I think this is such a cute little car and I am going to put it in her Easter basket tomorrow!  I also appreciate that there are no small parts like metal axles that might be a choking hazard.

Who's in the Farmyard from Barefoot Books ($14.99) - This book is big! We can't get enough board books around here (we read each book over and over and over so a new book is always awesome!).  The illustrations are great and Amelia loves the peekabo holes in the pages.  We have already read this many many times and I think we will probably have to buy Who's in the Garden as well.

Greeting Card Offer from Treat ($1.00) - This is a code to get one free card from Treat.

Here is a quick cost breakdown of the 24 month girl box:
* Flower set from Green Toys ($10) - This is a special set made for Citrus Lane (about half the size of the regular set) so halved the price.
* Tumblers from Green Eats ($5.99)
* Skip Through the Seasons from Barefoot Books ($6.99)
* Mrs. Meyer's Dish Soap Sample ($1.00)
* Greeting Card from Treat ($1.00)

   All totaled up the 12 month box has a retail value of $32.97 and the 24 month box is $24.98.  I think this is the first month I have gotten a box with a retail value under the $29 purchase price.  I really loved the items we received in our box, though possibly they should have just included another.  The dish soap sample and the card offer didn't add much value to the box so those should have just been extras (I do like Mrs. Meyers products so nothing against them!).  If you would like to try out Citrus Lane right now they are having their semi annual sale where you can get boxes as low as $16.33 with a year subscription (thats a great deal!).  Otherwise is you only want to try one box use one of the Citrus Lane links and get half off your first box!

Oh and I almost forgot, here are my add ons!  Aren't they cute?!  I can't remember if this was with my birthday code they sent or if there was an email deal but I was able to snag these for a great price!  That is another good reason to subscribe to their email list ;)

Disclosure - I paid for these boxes on my own and was not compensated for my review.  This post contains referral links and as always my opinions are 100% my own!

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  1. Hi,
    I know this is so random, but I am looking for that sample size bottle of Mrs Meyers dish soap. Let me know if you still have it and would be willing to part with it, can be empty, i don't mind. Just want it for my camper. lol Let me know if you still have it.
    Thanks, Melissa