Thursday Thoughts

Time for another link up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban mom for Thursday Thoughts.

~ I am so sick of this weather.  Apparently we are supposed to get 5-9 inches of snow again today, why doesn't the weather seem to know it is spring?  Finger crossed the storm misses us!

~ I am leaving for Chicago early Sunday morning and won't be back until late Monday night so you won't hear from me this weekend!  I shouldn't get too far behind since I am only expecting one box either this week or next week.  Fingers crossed it comes before I leave (mostly because I have a hard time waiting).

~ I am hoping we will have enough time to check out Lush while we are there.  I think there is one about a block from where we are staying, but I also know we are going to be really busy.

~ It is official!  Amelia is cutting her first tooth (I know it's about time!).  Luckily she has been a trooper and is still pretty happy most of the time.  She mostly just wants us to read her a lot of books but at least she doesn't seem to have a fever.  Plus she has been a walking machine and she is getting quite good at it.  She will be 11 months on Friday which means only one more month and I will have a one year old!  When did this happen?

~ I got my swap package from my Facebook group and I am super excited because I finally get to try cookie butter!  Anyone have some excellent ideas for it or should I just grab a spoon?  She sent me so many goodies to try and wrapped everything so nicely it was a great little surprise yesterday when I got home.

Well that it for this Thursday.  What are you up to?  Hopefully you are having better weather than we are!


  1. Hey there! I found you through this link up! I hope you get to check Lush out! I have never been to one, but I did order some things a while back from their website! Amazing! I would love to go in there and look around! The closest one to me is about 1.5 hours away so I haven't been able to go. I do have a mini wish list of things I have heard about that I would like to try! Apparently their sea salt exfoliant is pretty good! Enjoy your trip and hopefully the snow will miss you guys!

  2. I've only used the bath bombs from Lush but they are awesome if you are a bath person. Mine is about 30min away so I don't go often but I have a friend coming up in a couple weeks and she has already said she wants to go so we might be making a trip. :)