Week 20 Mommy and Me

    Wel  this week I got a camera remote and actually got in some pictures!  Since I am usually behind the camera I thought it was a good idea.  Now it was a little bit trickier than I thought because I am having trouble getting the focus right.  Possibly I need to close my aperture a bit more than I usually would.  Anyways here was the first try with my remote...
The focus isn't super sharp in this one and I cropped in and tilted it.  Does the tilt look funny with the blinds behind or can I get away with it?

Story time!  This is one of the few ways I can get her to sit still ;)

Another angle for story time, not sure she appreciated the breaks and repositioning during her stories.

I don't love how far back my head is tilted in this but I love Amelia's expression!

Now my expression and angle is better but Amelia is distracted, go figure!

Again focus isn't really sharp but it turned out alright.  Maybe  I should position the camera right under the tv if I want her looking at the camera ;)

And here I am!  I tried to prop up my reflector but my eyes are still dark, otherwise it isn't too bad…  I have a hard time getting pictures of myself that I like, I might be overly picky.

Well thats it for this week.  I think I may need to play with settings a bit more to get a crisp image, but not a bad start!

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  1. You 2 look wonderful together. Very touching...