Weekly Wishes

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    Last week I did pretty good on getting my goals done!  I kept up with cleaning (though I still might tweak the schedule), we did the baby painting (Amelia wasn't a big fan), and I researched bike trailers.  I wish I had gotten mor spring cleaning done because I have a pretty long list!  Anyways onto this week wishes...

~ I want to watch all five segments of my photography editing workshop and start practicing.  I only get one month's access to these videos and I want to make the most of it!  I am really excited and I hope this helps out my photography (even though I really only photograph my little one)!  

~ On Tuesday I want to buy Frozen and watch it with Amelia!  I am not sure if this is more for me or Amelia but either way it's happening :)

~ This week I am going to get the coat closest cleaned out and organized.  We need to go through and get rid of what we don't use.  As a bonus wish I would also love to get the kitchen cabinets done as well.

   I know this doesn't look like a super long list this week but I want to spend more time on the first one.  I really want to make an effort with this photography workshop because there is a lot to learn about editing!  I am also hoping we do not get the forecasted 7 inches of snow because I am looking forward to spring so we can take pictures outside again.  What are your weekly wishes?


  1. Hello and happy Monday! I found your blog through The Nectar Collective and wanted to stop and say hello. I love organizing things... it makes me feel so much better! Also, your photography editing workshop sounds really neat. What course are you using, and what program do you use? I am just starting to get into photography and have finally figured out how to shoot in manual mode on my T3, haha. I got Lightroom for Christmas and have been playing around with it, but I want to really get into learning the program soon. Good luck on all of your goals this week, and I hope to see some newly edited photos soon!

    1. I have a T3 too! I am using PSE 11 and am taking the Jackie Jean Create workshop. I felt so overwhelmed when I first started because learning to shoot in manual and learning a new editing program was a LOT! I am really feeling like I am getting a pretty good grasp on both now, still a long ways to go though.

  2. OOOHHHH! We are all about running to Target the minute they open tomorrow to buy Frozen! We don't have kids though haha. So exciting either way!!

  3. I need to work on my Spring cleaning too and I know that once I get started, I don't stop anymore. But that's the part I'm not looking forward too LOL

    I haven't seen Frozen yet, but I watched a few fragments and can't wait to see it completely, it's a classic Disney and absolutely love the music and the characters!

    Enjoy watching it with your little one (even if it's more for mama than for her ;-))

    Have a great week!