Week 18 - Baby Painting

    So I was browsing Pinterest a couple weeks ago and came across a post about baby painting.  They used yogurt and Kool Aid packets to make the "paint" so it was completely safe to eat (though it doesn't taste good).  I thought it was a super cute idea so thats what we did last week.  I was hoping for a really good photo op and I got a few shots but it was pretty short lived.  Sometimes ideas like these don't go as planned ;)

It started out alright, she put in two fingers and gave it a taste (apparently it didn't taste very good).  Then she went for it and out her whole hand in!

And then realized her hand was messy...

Which apparently was no fun at all :(

So mom painted her feet and snuck a quick picture before giving up completely.

Even though this whole baby painting only lasted about 5 minutes I was able to snap a few photos so it wasn't a total bust.  I think maybe another day we could try again and see if she gets into it.  She did however thoroughly enjoy putting the plastic down beforehand!  

Thats all I have from last week.  I am currently doing a PSE webinar this month to try and improve my editing skills.  I am spending more time watching that and practicing editing than really getting my camera out.  I just want to get as much out of it as I can since I only get access to the recordings for one month!  Thanks for following along!

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