Thursday Thoughts

Once again this Thursday I am linking up with Jennifer from Ramblings of a Suburban Mom for Thusday Thoughts!

~ Is it just me or did this week fly by again?  Next week Amelia will be 11 months old already!  I really better get on planning her birthday party.  Where did a whole year go? Amelia is walking and getting into everything now.

~ Not this coming Sunday and Monday but the following one I will be making a quick trip to Chicago.  We have to go to market for the store, but it will be the longest I have been away from Amelia so far.  I know she will be fine with dad but it might be kinda hard for me!

~ I am making an effort to go through my whole house and purge all the things we do not need.  My goal is to get it all done before Easter (which would make it done before the party as well).  I have started but I feel like I should be farther along if I am really going to get through everything before then.

~ I know I say this every week but I am still waiting for some nice spring weather.  I am really sick of it being cold and windy.  Thank goodness it isn't snowy anymore (knock on wood it stays that way!). Seriously done with winter weather.

~ I just got an email today saying I have a credit for my nook from Barnes and Nobles.  It is for a settlement, I guess.  I am pretty happy though since it means I can buy more books now!  I really want to read A Fault in Our Stars so I know I will get that one.  Any other great suggestions?

Well I know it's short but I have to run!  Now that I am working Thursdays instead of Fridays I should really learn to start writing this post Wednesday evenings!  What are you up to this Thursday?

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  1. I got a settlement from amazon books, I'm excited about it too! And I am with you on needing to purge - I don't know that I'll get done by Easter, but I definitely need to get started asap!