Silly Rhino Review March 2014

     I have been so excited to try out Silly Rhino!  I was going to wait until May (because I can only have so many boxes at a time) but when they had the Valentine's Day promotion I couldn't resist any longer.  Silly Rhino is a monthly subscription box that promises to bring "a box of awesome" each month for your kids ages 0-4.  All of their products are high quality and environmentally friendly so you can trust what comes to your door.
   Once again I couldn't resist stalking the spoilers page so I knew what was in the box but it never makes me any less excited to get it!  Right away I really liked what I saw and it made my day to see a little surprise as well.

Their information card really is awesome.  I love that it not only includes pictures and descriptions but the prices too.  That makes it much easier to do the price break down and is much appreciated.

Silicone Bib by Ulubulu ($10) - I have never heard of this brand but I like silicone bibs.  Any bib that is easy to wipe clean is ok in my book.  That said,  I am not crazy about the face on this, it is kinda goofy.  

Lamb Shaped Soap from LoveLee Soaps ($6) - As soon as I opened the box I could smell this soap and it is lovely (or should I say LoveLee).  I think it is so cute and it is definitely going to her Easter basket.  These soaps come in so many fun shapes and while I don't usually use bar soap for Amelia I will give it a try (I love bar soap for myself so why not?).  These soaps do not contain harsh foaming agents like sodium lauryl sulfate so they are great for kids.

Rubbabu Ball ($7) - I could barely get a picture of this before Amelia ran off with it, so I would say it is a hit!  They are made out of natural foam rubber which is biodegradable and renewable plus they come in many textures for kids.  We have a couple Rubbabu items and Amelia really enjoys them!

Amber Necklace by Crunchy in Cowtown ($15) - This is my favorite item in the box!  I have been meaning to get one for Amelia but haven't gotten around to it.  She will turn one in May and still doesn't have any teeth so this will come in handy.  I knew Baltic Amber was supposed to be good for teething but I didn't realize it is also supposed to help eczema, speed wound healing and stave off ear and throat inflammation.  So even if you are past teething your little one can benefit from their Amber necklace (plus it is cute!). 

Natural Egg Dye Kit by Natural Earth Paint ($9) - My first thought on this was, my little one is too young for dying Easter eggs but I read the info card which talks about many uses for this.  You can use this as food coloring and it is completely safe!  I didn't realize what was lurking in other food coloring but I will definitely think twice before using those.  As someone who loves to bake cakes I know these will go to good use.  I recently did some baby yogurt painting and if I try that again I will be using these.

This is the little extra surprise I was talking about.  I think it is just too sweet that she would include this in my box!  I am in a Facebook group where we swap things from subscription boxes (it's great if you get something that you just don't have a use for) and I had been talking about swapping to get this book and here she surprised me with it in my box!!  I just can't believe she even thought about it when packing up her boxes this month, it really made my day!  Thank you Anna!

    I think this was a great first box for us from Silly Rhino!  Our box (for a 1-2 year old girl) has a retail value of $47, which exceeds the price ($35.99 a month).  This box has a great value for your money and I love how well thought out it was.  While it had an Easter vibe to it (mainly the natural egg dye),  even someone who doesn't celebrate Easter could use everything.  We definitely enjoyed our "awesome in a box"!  

Disclosure: I paid for this box on my own and was not compensated in any way for my review.  All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I have never heard of this subscription box .... but I am loving all of it's contents! I will definitely be looking more into it! Thanks for reviewing it!