Petit Vour Review March 2014

    This is my first month of Petit Vour and I could hardly wait to see what was in it!  Petit Vour is a monthly box of cruelty free and vegan makeup and beauty products.  I am so excited to try out some new brands of natural products.  Shipping was pretty fast and everything arrived intact, now onto the box...
Right away I thought it looked like I was getting a good value for my money.  I also saw some products I knew I wanted to try that evening!
   Their information card gives a product description, tells how to use the products and gives the retail price of the full size products.  They also included a note about their new shop opening late March where you can earn reward points for purchasing full sized products (you also earn points for referring friends and filling out member surveys).
 Lotus Wei Quiet Mind Serum ($8.33) - This is a really generously sized sample and I am liking it so far.  You can massage it over your pulse points and the flower alchemy is supposed to bring your body back in tune.  The scent is really nice and relaxing.

I.C.O.N. India Oil ($6.67) -  Again this is a big sample!  This will last quite awhile and so far I am pretty torn on it.  I love the feel of this and how it looks in my hair but I hate the smell.  It smells very strongly of patchouli maybe?  Whatever it is it is quite a strong smell.  Next time I try it I just won't rub the extra in my hands and see if the smell goes away better then.

 NCLA Nail Wraps ($18.00) - This is probably the one thing in the box I won't use.  They are cute but I don't do my nails often and won't take the time to put these on.  I will pass these on to someone else who will love them.

 LAFACE Hydrating and Firming Body Lotion ($2.50) -   I liked this lotion and it has a nice scent.  That said, it isn't my favorite, I have really dry itchy skin and prefer a thicker cream than this.  It is nice that they sent two packets though to give you a chance to use it a couple times (especially since the full size is rather spendy). While it claims to firm up your skin, in the couple times I tried it I didn't notice a difference but I think you would have to use it for a longer period of time.

 California Naturel Skincare Set ($3.00) -  This set includes samples of the cleansing gel, Thor balancing complex for oily skin, and nourishing cream for dry skin.  I tried the cleansing gel but I still prefer my norwex cloth and water.  I didn't try the balancing complex because my skin is super dry.  I must say though, that the nourishing cream is my favorite product in the whole box.  I LOVE it!  I am definitely buying the full size of this and I am so happy they included this sample, now if only the sample was bigger ;-)

   I would say this was an awesome first box with Petit Vour !  While I didn't love everything, I thought they sent a great variety of products to try.  These were all products and brands that I haven't had a chance to try which is one of the bonuses of subscription boxes! The retail value of this box was $38.50 which is way above the $15 cost of the box.  Plus finding what might be my new go to face lotion really made my box for me. If you would like to learn more or subscribe click here (if you subscribe I would be very grateful if you tell them I sent you!).

Disclosure - I paid for this box myself and received no compensation for this review.

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  1. We're thrilled that our nourishing cream is your favorite pick from the Petit Vour box! You made our day- enjoy!
    Emmanuelle at California Naturel