Week 19 - My Little Model

Photographing my little one can be pretty difficult since she is constantly on the move!  This week I think I got some cute shot.  I originally took a few photos and put my camera away (the first two are from that set of pictures), but I pulled it back out when I saw her playing by the window.  Usually i am telling her to stop playing with the shutters but I saw the opportunity to try some direct light and I am glad I did!  I really like the window pictures :-)  She is sporting her new headband from Little Hip Squeaks and her Alexis Drake bond bracelet as well as some mustard baby shoes from Bugs and Daisies.

My little model giving a wistful look of to the distance.

A straight on shot with some attitude and cuteness overload

Time for a silly break :-)

Looking out the window (wishing it was warmer outside)

An over the shoulder glance (but seriously she is at a nice angle to the window which is harder to get than you might think)

And my little model was getting tired so here is a laid back pose for the end.

Well thats what I have for this week!  I really had fun playing with the window light.  I did use my flash to bounce light behind me but in a few of these photos I maybe should have went a little stronger flash since her eyes are kind of dark.  I love backlighting but I don't like dark eyes so I am super happy I got a flash.  I also got a remote for my camera so I will have to figure that out and maybe get in a few photos!  Thanks for following along!

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