Citrus Lane Review March 2014 + Half off

    Citrus Lane is a monthly subscription box that delivers 4-5 of the top kid products each month.  They tailor the box to your child's age and stage so you are getting appropriate items.  This month I got the 12 month girl box.  We always look forward to our Citrus Lane box each month, so much fun to see what it will bring!
When I received shipping notice this month it said the box was 4 lbs!  I couldn't wait to see what in it and first look did not disappoint, this box was FULL.

Here is the information card they always send.  It has a picture and description of the products included in the box.  As an additional bonus they usually also have a discount code for the brands included.
 You Are My Baby Book from Chronicle Books ($8.09) - First I LOVE that Citrus Lane has been including a book in each of our boxes.  This book is adorable and Amelia has had a lot of fun flipping through the the smaller book in the bigger book.  We may have to look into getting the rest of these books.
Eco Safari Peg Puzzle from Hape ($14.26) - This puzzle is really cute and will be great for Amelia to learn with.  I like that right now it is something we can do together and as she gets older she can play with it by herself.  Plus Hape makes great quality wood toys for little ones!

Citrus Hydrating Body Lotion from Welda ($13.20) - Welda products are always nice and we haven't tried the lotion yet.  I am not a huge fan of citrus scent but hopefully it will be lightly scented.

Diaper Buddy from Me4Kidz ($5.66) - This is packed with first aid and diaper essentials.  Little kits like this are nice to have.  I think I will put this in my car since I have a mini kit in my purse already.

Plum Organics World Baby Pouch ($1.79) - Plum Organics has new World baby pouches to bring a wider variety of flavors to your baby.  I think it is great they are making different cuisines as I am trying to introduce a broad array of flavors.  I am such a picky eater and I am hoping my little one will not be.
I also got two add ons in my box this month, the Bumkins super bib and snack bags.  Citrus Lane
  Had sent an email with $10 off coupon codes which worked on the add to box items so I basically got these for free!  

    All totaled up the box has a retail value of $43.00 ($56.90 if you include the add ons) which is over the cost of the box.  Citrus Lane starts at $29 a month and is less with a longer subscription.  Once again we are very happy with our box.  I love the books they have been sending and it is always nice to have some new toys.  If you are interested in trying Citrus Lane you will automatically get half off your first box with one the referral links in this review (thanks in advance if you use them!).  As a little bonus I took a few pictures of the un boxing...
Of course she is like a magnet, right to the food pouch! 

She did look at the other items but she would not put down that pouch.
  And Pixie wanted to join in on the fun, that pouch was definitely the popular item (it isn't even open).  Where there is food there are friends in this house ;-)

Disclosure - I paid for this box on my own and was not compensated for my review.  This post does contain referral links.



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